Single Stream Recycling

Single-stream items: newspapers, plastic bottles and jars (Nos. 1-7), tin cans, magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes, egg cartons, and clean uncoated paper.   These can all be mixed together in the designated bins.

Coated paper products such as milk cartons do NOT qualify in the recycling program.  Other things that can NOT be recycled in our single stream program include plastic wrap, Styrofoam, clothing, plastic items that are not bottles or jars (such as hangers and toys), items that are combinations of metal, plastic, and/or paper, juice pouches, ceramics, wood and other yardwaste, drinking glasses and mirrors.

Glass in any form is not accepted in the single stream recycling program.  The Whitman County Landfill has a collection point there that accepts glass for recycling.  Please do not put any glass in the single stream recycle containers as it is viewed as a contaminant and will reduce the recyclability of the other material.

No plastic bags!  Please recycle your plastic bags at Dissmores, Safeway, Wal-Mart and other fine stores in our community.

Aluminum cans

Currently, we are paying 30 cents per pound for aluminum cans.  Our buyback hours for aluminum cans are Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon and on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Our buyback personnel will take, weight, and pay for your clean aluminum cans at the northwest corner of the building at those times.

Only aluminum cans will be accepted.  We cannot take aluminum in other forms – such as foil, pie pans, doors and car parts.  Aluminum must be clean and the cans must be empty.  Cans that have liquid in them will not be accepted.

You can also drop your aluminum off in the main recycling area at any time.  There is a separate container for aluminum cans there.  We do not pay for the aluminum cans dropped off in the main area.

Electronic Waste

Please see our office staff to sign-in before recycling your electronic waste. Please do not drop off your e-waste without checking in! E-waste left unattended could possibly be taken by non-PDS staff… leave at your own risk.  Never leave a CPU with a functioning hard-drive unattended!

TV’s, Monitors, CPU’s, Laptops, and E-Readers are all accepted at no charge at part of the state’s e-Cycle recycling program.  Other types of e-waste such as printers and scanners do not qualify for the e-Cycle program and are assessed a 50 cents per pound fee to recycle.

We also pay for old cell phones at 6 cents per ounce in the front office during office hours.  Please refer to our page on e-waste for more information.

To see where other electronic waste items are collected check out the Washington State Department of Ecology’s site here.


Document Destruction is available at Pullman Disposal during our normal business hours, 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday at our main office at 135 NW Harold Drive in Pullman.

Shredding is forty (40) cents per pound.

Please call us if you have any questions.

Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling

CFL bulbs. Bulbs must not be broken. Please bring them to our office staff inside during office hours. 

We now can take the long fluorescent tubes also.  Bring those inside our office also.  Thank you!

We cannot take LED bulbs, those can be put in your regular trash.


Cardboard must be clean and flattened.

Please use the large 30 yard container to put your flattened cardboard into.  If you are a senior or disabled, you may use the regular single stream recycling containers for your flattened cardboard.  Please no greasy cardboard.

Please remove any bags or Styrofoam packing from the boxes as those are not recyclable.

Rechargable battery recycling

Household rechargeable batteries [sorry, we do not accept standard (non-rechargeable) household batteries – they should be thrown in the garbage].

We can also take car batteries, phone or laptop batteries as well as cordless tool batteries.

Please bring all rechargeable batteries to our office staff inside our main office.

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