UPDATE: Due to the recent major snowfall, it is possible that your address will not be serviced as scheduled. If your rollcart wasn’t picked up, please leave it out. Our crew will be out all week completing their routes. Please have patience.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Current Missed Streets:


The weather decided to drop some more snow on us this week and it has been slick on the roads with the hills being especially tricky. The piles of snow around parking lots and on the side of the street make things difficult for our crews.  We are doing our best to make sure everyone gets picked up. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.  If your road is difficult to get through, please call the city of Pullman to let them know about adverse road conditions in your area.   Please make sure your roll carts and garbage cans are where they can be picked up safely.  Our priority is safety, for everyone.  If you get missed please give us a call and let us know, it could be that your can wasn’t in a place to safely get it or we weren’t able to get to the street.  Check out our tips below for proper can placement.  Thank you for your patience in these snowy times.


When it snows and the plows pile up the berms, please place your roll cart in a spot where our automated truck’s arm can reach it. We ask you to be aware that the truck’s automatic arm will not be long enough to reach your roll cart if it sits on the sidewalk behind a snow berm. It is most helpful if you shovel out a spot on the road next to the curb for your roll cart. Do not place carts in the street where they will be in the way of traffic. If you have a dumpster, we ask that when it snows, please don’t plow snow up in front of it or against the gates of the dumpster enclosure.  We can’t pick up your trash when your dumpster is snowed in.  We really appreciate it if you shovel the snow out of the way, so that we can open the gates.  Thank you!  When we do get hit with a round of extreme weather, please have patience while we navigate around the snow berms and ice patches.  In extremely hazardous driving conditions, it is not worth risking major accidents to finish collections.  If you weren’t picked up on your collection day, we will be back when road conditions permit.  Please call (334-1914) if you think we have somehow forgotten you.  Thanks again for your understanding.

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