Washington State Regulatory Agency

      The WUTC [Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission] regulates Pullman Disposal Service as well as all other solid waste services in the state of Washington.  The WUTC sets the rules that Pullman Disposal must abide by regarding rates we can charge, services that we can provide, the days we can work among other things.  The WUTC protects consumers by ensuring that utility and transportation services are fairly priced, available, reliable and safe (language from the Governor’s web site).

The WUTC is the rate-making authority which determines the rates that Pullman Disposal Service can charge.  The WUTC also determines many of the rules under which the company must operate.  The WUTC may be reached at 1 (800) 562-6150. The WUTC may be reached at info@wutc.wa.gov.  Their web site is located at www.utc.wa.gov.

City of Pullman

       In addition to the WUTC, the City of  Pullman has authority in solid waste matters. The city has passed several ordinances pertaining to solid waste management and collection. The phone number for the city is (509) 334-4555. Questions may be directed to either the Parks and Recreation Department or the Public Works Department.  For more information on compliance to Pullman’s ordinance, please contact Steve Murphy at (509) 338-3300. See the city’s website at www.pullman-wa.gov.

Whitman County Public Works

      Whitman County operates the transfer station that we use.  The trash is dumped at the transfer station where it is loaded into trailers and then trucked to a regional landfill in Oregon.  The rate we pay for dumping trash is the same as the public’s rate, which is $119 per ton.  The county also processes the yard waste that we collect on our curbside route and in our drop-off site drop-boxes.  For more information on the county, access their website at www.palouse.org/whitman.

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