Pullman Disposal Policies & Information
  1. INFORMATION. Our office is located at 135 NW Harold Drive in Pullman (click here for map). Office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We have a mail slot near our door for after-hour payments. Please, do not put cash through the slot. If you wish to mail payment, please use P.O. Box 619. We do not observe all holidays. A notice will be included in your bill prior to the holiday that we will be observing. Our web-site address is www.pullmandisposal.com.
  2. ROUTES START AT 7:00. Please have your can out by 7:00!  Customers who place their can(s) and recycling bins at the street must have their trash out by 7:00 a.m. and within 5 ft. of the street, not the sidewalk. We do not guarantee any particular hour of pickup as weather, special events, and unforeseen problems can cause changes. Pickup time will vary from week to week. During vacations and summers, pickups are often earlier. Please be sure your trash is ready by 7:00 a.m. on collection day, as a return trip charge will be assessed if you wish us to come back.
  3. GARBAGE CANS. Maximum can size is 32 gallons in the state of Washington. A can should not weigh more than 12 lbs. when empty nor more than 65 lbs. when full. A can which exceeds these size or weight limits is subject to an additional charge. Mini-can maximum size is 20 gallons. The mini-can should not weigh more than 35 lbs. when full. The micro-can maximum size is 10 gallons. The micro-can should not weigh more than 20 lbs. when full.
Customers must use the can size they signed up for. If they use a larger can size than signed up for, there will be an additional charge each time there is a pick up. The city has an ordinance that requires use of a can (as opposed to bags) for weekly collection. If you are in an area that utilizes automated collection, Pullman Disposal Service will provide a rollcart (trash container) for you to use for all levels of service except the micro-can.
  1. MARK ADDRESS. If you set your trash near another customer’s, it is necessary to mark your can(s) with your address and set it (them) a distance from the other cans. This will prevent extra charges that are not yours from appearing on your bill. If the driver does not know who the extra trash belongs to, he will leave it.
All can(s) placed on an alley or a street different than your address, must have a complete address marked on it (them). Can(s) not marked may not be collected.
  1. EXTRAS. Select the optimum size container. The collection of extra trash is expensive. In order to minimize the customer’s bill, he should select a container size that is neither too small nor too big. If a container that is too small is selected, there will a large number of extra trash charges. Because the extra trash charges are expensive, it is less expensive to have a larger container with no extra charges than a smaller container with several extra charges. By city ordinance, customers may not opt for “no-extras” status.
  2. RETURN TRIPS. If you have a container (dumpster) and it is unavailable for collection due to no fault of the collector, we will make a return trip the following day and the return trip charge will be assessed. Containers unavailable on Fridays will be checked on Saturdays during the school year only and on Mondays otherwise.
  3. BILLING INFORMATION. Bills are sent at the first of the month following the service. Bills are sent after the service, not in advance. Payments must be in our office no later than the last day of the month following service, i.e. June service is billed July 1 and payment is due in our office by July 31. If it becomes necessary to terminate your account due to nonpayment, there will be a $11.10 fee for each restart. If you wish to contest any charges on your bill, it must be done within 60 days of receipt of bill. Late fees will be added to any account which remains unpaid at the time of the next billing in the amount of 1% per month, or 12% per annum, with a minimum $1.00 charge.
Please do not give our drivers cash or checks, they cannot accept payments. All cash should be taken to our office during office hours. Please note we do not keep much change in our office and it is necessary for you to bring the approximate correct change.
  1. CREDITS. Customers with can service will be charged for service even if fewer units are serviced on a particular trip. No credit can be given for an occasional week of no service. You may change the number of cans, but only prior to the first of a calendar month by notifying the office.
  2. CHANGES. Please call our office with any changes in your service PRIOR to when the change is to be made. Please do not give this information to the people on the trucks.
  3. PROBLEMS. If your trash was ready for collection at 7:00 a.m. and we missed you, please call our office by the next business day and we will return and remove your trash.
We assume no responsibility for articles left on or near cans or containers. Do not put anything out that you do not wish to be taken. We are not responsible for customer owned cans. In cold weather some plastic cans shatter and we cannot be responsible for them.
If we should damage your property it must be reported to our office within 24 hours.
  1. TERMINATING SERVICE. If you are moving or wish service terminated, we must have a request for termination form signed and in our office at least three (3) working days before service is to be stopped. Forms are available at our office during working hours.
  2. SNOWY CONDITIONS. If your can(s) is (are) normally picked up on an alley, it may be necessary to put it (them) at the street for collection during exceptionally snowy weather. The customer is responsible for snow removal so that containers may be handled and dumped. If snow is not cleared away, the container may be left or a special handling fee assessed.
  3. VEGETATION. Please keep the bushes and trees along alleys, streets, and driveways trimmed so we are able to get our trucks through. An alley can become so overgrown that our trucks can no longer service it.
  4. SHARPS. We offer home sharps (hypodermic needles, etc.)collection service. This service provides you with a sharps container. Fees do apply; please call the office for details at 334-1914. This program is part of our Medical Waste Service which collects medical waste from professional offices such as doctors and dentists.
  5. HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE. Don’t throw away your household hazardous wastes away. This includes your used motor oil when you change the oil in your car. Used motor oil can ruin our drinking water if disposed improperly (or dumped in a storm drain or on the ground). Put your oil in a milk jug, secure the lid, and mark the jug clearly with the words “Used Oil.” Set the jug next to your trash can on garbage day. We will see that your oil is disposed of properly. There will be an additional charge.
Other household hazardous wastes include chlorine bleach, antifreeze, pesticide, weed killer, and paints. The Whitman County Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts these materials free of charge. Please call the facility at 334-2400 for more information.
We can deliver these items to the facility for you if they are placed next to your garbage container, are contained in a leak-proof container, and you call our office to take the items (an additional fee will apply).
  1. YARDWASTE. We offer a separate, voluntary service for the collection of yardwaste materials. For a low monthly fee, we pick up your yardwaste once every two weeks in a container we provide to you. For more information, call our office.
  2. WUTC. We have included a booklet from the WUTC (the commission that regulates our rates and service) with this policy book. Please review it for information on our regulatory oversight.
  3. OTHER RULES. In compliance with city ordinance #90-13, section 7, solid waste containers shall not be placed out for removal prior to twenty-four hours before scheduled collection and shall be removed from those locations within twenty-four hours after collection.
  4. If you have any questions or problems, please call our office, at 334-1914.
We appreciate you as a customer. Our goal is to give you excellent service at a low price. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
Some customers stop service for short periods of time (known as vacation stops). If service is stopped for less than 60 days, a  restart fee will be assessed.
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