Pullman mini storage units


Currently, we have five units available

We have 141 high-quality mini storage units at a great location. Newly built, cement floors, padlocks provided, fences around the storage buildings, and reasonable rates. There is a lot of room between our storage buildings for ease of access. Also the roads around the storage buildings are paved. Several Units have ramps for storage of vehicles. In other words, the quality of our storage units is exceptionally high. For a great deal, check us out!

Current availability

Size of Unit5x55x7.55x1010x710x1010x1510x2012x30RV Unit
Units Available10130000None
Deposit$20$25$30$35$40$50$60$90Last Month's Rent


Pullman Mini Storage Rate Chart

Lease Term5x55x7.510x510x7.510x1010x1510x2012x30
1/2 Mn$34$38$43$55$67$78$82$88
One Mn$44$52$59$72$85$111$112$161
MTM $41$49$56$67$77$102$110$148
Two Mns$38$45$55$66$76$101$108$144
Three Mns$36$43$54$65$75$100$103$142
Four Mns$30$36$42$50$57$81$99$140
Six Mns$25$30$36$44$53$76$92$138
One Yr$21$26$31$40$49$72$86$128
Two Yr$20$25$30$38$45$67$79$120


Mini storage info…

Outside Vehicle Storage:
Depends upon length of vehicle


Rates could change at any time.  These rates are usually correct, but occasionally may be out of date;
rates given by phone or at office take precedence.

Located next to the Pullman Disposal Building on Harold Drive (see map above), the mini storage
buildings have 141 storage units and 4 RV spots available for rent. The monthly rent is determined by
the length of the lease: the longer the lease, the less the monthly rent. Our phone number is
(509) 334-7939. Emergency numbers are 334-1914, 332-7593, 332-4987, and 432-3654.  On Saturdays up to 1:30 pm,
please call 432-3654.

You may reserve a unit up to three days in advance of the beginning of the lease period (except in the months of April, May, and June).

We do not accept credit or debit cards. When you sign a lease, you must pay first month’s
rent and security deposit. We do prorate rents for partial months.

Payments are due on the first.  We do not send out monthly bills or statements.   Send Payments
to P.O. Box 472, Pullman, WA,  99163.
Do not store food as this will attract rodents.
If you want other people (such as roommates) to have access to the unit, you must specify
their names on your lease.

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