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Q: I don’t live in Pullman anymore. Why am I still getting a garbage bill?

A: We bill after the service, so your final bill will come a month after you moved. You will continue receiving a bill until your balance is paid.
Also, service must be terminated in writing. If that wasn’t done you will continue to receive bills. Please call us to double check your account status.

Q: If I don’t pay my bill by the 23rd of the month, will there be a late fee?

A: As long as you make a payment by the end of the month, no late fee will be assessed.

Q: If I am going out of town, can I suspend my garbage service?

A: If you are gone for at least 60 days, you can suspend your service whereby you won’t be charged for service. If you are going to be gone for less than 60 days, you can suspend your service, but there will be a restart fee of $18.20 (plus tax).

Q: I am being charged for recycling and I would rather not recycle. Can I elect to not recycle?

A: Curbside recycling service is billed as part of garbage service as mandated by city ordinance. No one is required to actually take advantage of the recycling service, but the service must be billed out per the ordinance.

Q: I have extra garbage, can I bring it to your office?

A: No. Unfortunately, you can only drop off your recyclables here at our facility. You can put extra trash out on your garbage day for an extra cost, or you can transport it yourself to the Whitman County Transfer Station on the Colfax highway (they have a $15 minimum fee).
If you do have extra garbage, you may put it out next to your garbage rollcart for a charge of $3.94 (plus tax) per 32 gallon unit. If this happens frequently, it is more cost effective to increase your cart size. Please call our office to do so.

Q. Why was my recycling or garbage rollcart missed?

A. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. All routes start at 7:00AM. Rollcarts need to be out by then. The truck could have gone by your home before you placed the rollcart out for collection.
  2. The recycling cart contains non-recyclable materials; please refer to the label on the cart or our website under the single-stream recycling page. The driver will not dump rollcarts with non-recyclable materials.
  3. Recyclables were in plastic bags. Items must be loose when placed in the recycling rollcart.
  4. Your account has been suspended for non payment or other issue, please contact our office to confirm your account status.
Q. What is a “relocation fee”?

A. If you are on our automated route (where we supply the customer with rollcarts), the rollcarts must be accessible to our collection truck. If your rollcart cannot be reached by the automated truck’s arm, or if the cart is too close to another cart, telephone pole, car, or tree, the driver will have to exit the truck and relocate the rollcart . The driver will charge the relocation fee when this happens. To prevent this fee, make sure your rollcart is accessible to the automated truck’s arm.

Q. My garbage rollcart didn’t empty all the way. What should I do?

A. Please call our office to discuss pickup options.
Likely causes for a rollcart not emptying:
1) Item(s) were packed too tightly (e.g.: mattress topper, dog bed). Garbage must be able to fall freely from the cart in order for it to empty properly. Please remove oversized items for pickup.
2) Rigid item(s) became stuck (e.g.: box, tray, frozen trash). Our truck’s arm squeezes carts slightly when it grabs them. Some rigid items may then become stuck and block other garbage from emptying. Please remove or reposition rigid items for pickup.
3) Garbage was too light/fluffy (eg: wrapping paper, packing peanuts). Garbage bags that are especially light for their size fall more slowly and do not always leave the cart in time. Please remove light bags or place heavier garbage below them for pickup.

Q. My service day falls on a holiday. Should I put out my rollcart?

A. We are closed New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (The Fourth of July), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Please set out your cart by 7am on the following business day for pickup. Other holidays we are open and will run all scheduled routes.

Q: My can is damaged. What do I do?

A: If your garbage, recycling, or yard waste can is damaged, please call our office and we will provide detailed instructions on how to get your can replaced.

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