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Pullman Disposal Office – 135 NW Harold Drive, Pullman, WA 99163 509.334.1914


Garbage is our livelihood. It’s hardly our life. Yet, we still believe in what we do. We provide an essential service. And because we live in the community where we serve, we make it our goal to provide this service in the best possible way we can.

Employees who have lived on the Palouse for 10+ years
Employees who have lived on the Palouse 3-9 years
Employees who have lived on the Palouse for less than three years.



  • William Felsted
    William Felsted Vice President

    Bill purchased Pullman Disposal Service from his parents in 1972.  He moved to Pullman in the summer of 1954 specifically to run Pullman Disposal with his parents, Harold and Effie Felsted.  Having turned operations over to his son, Devon, in 1990, he along with his wife, Val, moved to the Spokane area where they live today.  Bill continues to be a die-hard Cougar fan.

  • Devon Felsted
    Devon Felsted President

    Devon is president of Pullman Disposal Service.  He is a member of Kiwanis Club and also a member of the Pullman’s Capital Improvement Program.  He has worked for the PDS since he was 14 years old.  He loves living in Pullman and continuing the family tradition of serving the city through Pullman Disposal.

  • Justin Holt
    Justin Holt Route Foreman

    You might be confused about where all our trucks go and on which days. But Justin isn’t. That’s because he lives routes, routes, and more routes. For him, a successful route is like Kanō Jigorō’s judo success: “maximum efficiency with minimum effort.”

  • Rick Gibson
    Rick Gibson Shop Foreman

    Rick has worked at Pullman Disposal since September of 1982.  A gifted mechanic, Rick has kept our high-tech trucks rolling smoothly since he became Shop Foreman in 1990.

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson Safety Officer

    There’s a sign when you leave the PDS office that says “Your Number One Job Is To Be Safe.” Jim is our safety officer and helps make sure this happens! We believe in “Safety Always,” so we appreciate everything Jim does!

  • Tim Holt
    Tim Holt Drop Box Driver

    Tim has been with the company since March of 1999.  As a longtime employee, Tim has been on the Safety Committee for many years.  Along with Jim, he is very concerned about the health and safety of the crew.  He also assists Rick in keeping the PDS shop a safe place to work.

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson Lead Automated Truck Driver

    Bryan is a legend at the company. A valued employee since October 1998, he is one our most reliable and customer-friendly people.  You’ll recognize him by his colorful and stylish do-rags.

“When we say we are empowered by passion, we mean it. Because we believe in what we’re doing, we’re driven by a mentality of continuous quality improvement. Not only is it an honor to keep this great community clean, but it gives us great satisfaction in so many ways.”

Devon Felsted – President

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