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Earlier this year, we upgraded out public drop-off recycling center here at Pullman Disposal Service.  If you haven’t been up here this year, come and check it out!  We have new containers for your mixed recyclables.  Access to the drop-off containers is much easier as we now have a large loop for you to drive when recycling.  Because of the loop, there is no backing up required to visit our recycling center!  This makes the whole experience easier and – more importantly – much safer.

We have installed lights so you can recycle at night if your schedule makes it difficult to recycle during the day.  So our recycling center is open at all times.  That’s 24/7/365!  Just be careful out there.  Unless you are a senior or disabled, we ask you to use the stairs to deposit your cardboard into the large 30 cubic yard container.  We receive so much cardboard, it will fill the smaller containers designed for mixed recycling up too quickly for us to manage over the weekends.   Thanks for understanding and making it possible for our seniors and disabled to still recycle!

The items you can recycle are the same as those listed on our crimson recycling roll-carts.   The items are also listed on the recycling containers.

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