We are now sending out emails to remind you when it is your Recycling/Yard Waste Collection Day

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Pullman Disposal is starting a new customer service, we are sending out notifications about every other week services we provide.  Granted, sometimes remembering to take out the garbage every week isn’t something that we remember or even think about, but those recycle and yard waste collection days that aren’t every week can slip even the most scheduled of minds.

To help our customers get the right carts out to the street we will be sending you an email the day before your recycling or yard waste is scheduled for collection.  That way you won’t have to guess anymore if it’s your week for recycling (or look around to see what the neighbors are doing).

Of course, your email addresses are needed to make this work.

If you don’t receive the notice the day before your recycling/yard waste is scheduled for collection, it could be for a couple of reasons.  First, it may be going to your spam (or junk) file.  The second reason is that we may not have a current email for your service address. If you would like to receive the reminder, call us with your email address so we can get it into the system.

If you are a renter there may be an additional reason, the only email address we have for your service address is for your landlord.  They aren’t going to take out your recycling for you so if you would like a reminder, call our office or send us an email at contact@pullmandisposal.com and let us know to add your email to the service address and we should be able to get you into the system and get a reminder to you.

Of course, we don’t want to force this on anyone and if you do not wish to receive these recycling/yard waste reminder notices, you can opt out.  Just contact us and let us know to take you off the reminder service.

And, as always, you can request a paper collection calendar to go up on your refrigerator (or wherever is most convenient).  We have paper calendars for all of our recycling and our yard waste routes.  Just email (contact@pullmandisposal.com) or call (509-334-1914) and we will send the calendar to you.

And don’t forget, you can always look up your recycling (here) and/or yardwaste collection schedule (here) on this website.

Thanks for Recycling!

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