New fee on your Pullman Disposal bill

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For those with curbside recycling service, you may have noticed a new line item on your bill.  Called either a “Commingled Recycling Debit” or “COMMODITY ADJUSTMENT”, it is a fee that is covering the dramatic increase in the cost to process recycling.  This large increase in recycling costs is mostly (or perhaps entirely) due to the Chinese cutting off the importation of most recyclables from the United States.

The WUTC (Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission) approved this fee to help cover our recycling costs.  Such a fee is common throughout the state.  For single family homes, the fee is $1.59 per month.  For apartments or other multi-family dwellings, the fee is higher.  Pullman Disposal mailed its customers a notice detailing this new fee back in late August.

If the costs of recycling decrease, the fee will decrease or disappear.  Please call us if you have more questions.  Thank you!

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