Developments in Glass Recycling issues

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Did you know that putting glass into the recycling rollcart lowers the quality of the other recyclable materials?  During transportation, the glass breaks into shards.  The glass shards degrade the quality of the paper, metal, and plastics that are also in the recycling container.  Glass shards also damage Whitman County’s processing equipment.  For these reasons, both the county and the city encourage you to put your glass bottles into the garbage rollcart, not the recycling cart.

You still are allowed to put glass in either container, but you are now encouraged to throw the glass away.  Whitman County will be allowing residents to bring their separated glass out to the county’s transfer station for recycling soon.  The transfer station is located five miles north of Pullman on Highway 195. We will let you know when the county is ready to take your separated glass at the transfer station.

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