Let us Manage your Bio-hazardous Waste.
Pullman Disposal’s Medical Waste Service

Service Agreement for Medical Waste Collection

Pullman’s only locally owned and operated Bio-hazardous Waste and Sharps Disposal Service.

About our Medical Waste Service

1. A LOCAL COMPANY. Our employees live and work in the Pullman area. If you have any questions or a problem, we can have a representative contact you or at your home or business promptly.

2. SECURITY. The service includes providing you with tracking papers which facilitate the tracking of the waste from your office to its final destruction.

3. CONVENIENCE. You may set up a collection schedule with us or you may choose to be an “on-call” customer. Either way, we do the work for you.

4. FLEXIBILITY. We service all Sharps and Bio-hazardous waste producing entities from the home diabetic patient to medical facilities. We offer 1.5 quart, 4 quart, and 32 gallon medical waste containers.

5. OVERSIGHT. The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission regulates our Medical Waste Service. The WUTC not only sets our collection rates, they also oversee the quality and safety of our collection program.

6. CONTAINERS. All used needles and sharps must be placed inside government approved sharps containers. We sell approved containers to our customers.

Please Call us at 334-1914 for more information.

Pullman Medical Waste Service is operated by Pullman Disposal Service


Size Cost of Container Cost Per PICKUP or Drop Off
Additional Container Pickup Cost*
1.5 qt.  $3.50 + tax  $ 12.00 $1.16
4 qt. $5.00 + tax  $12.00 $1.16
28 Gal  NO Charge $37.00 $29.60

* The additional collection cost for (an) additional container(s) collected on a service call

For quantities of more than 10 containers, please contact our office for rates.

Medical Waste Collection Hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Please have somebody at your home or business during these hours when you are expecting a pick-up.

Service Fees

● Return Trips: $12.00

● Waiting Service Fee: $25.00 per 15 minutes

● Overweight Fee: $100

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