Upcoming Holidays observed by Pullman Disposal Service



  1. New year’s Day   January 1st (Tuesday)- Closed Tuesday January 1st, Collections normally made on Tuesday January 1st will be made on Wednesday January 2nd

  2. Memorial Day     May 27th (Monday) – Collections normally made on Monday May 27th will be made on Tuesday May 28th

  3. Independence Day  July 4th (Thursday) – Regular service Monday July 2nd through Wednesday July 3rd, Closed Thursday July 4th, Collections normally made on Thursday will be made on Friday July 5th

  4. Labor Day  September 2nd (Monday) – Closed Monday September 2nd, Collections normally made on Monday September 2nd will be made on Tuesday September 3rd

  5. Thanksgiving Day  November 28th (Thursday) – Closed Thursday November 28th, Collections normally made on Thursday November 28th will be made on Friday November 29th

  6. Christmas Day  December 25th (Wednesday) – Closed Wednesday December 25th, Collections normally made on Wednesday December 25th will be made on Thursday December 26th

We will not be making collections on the above holidays.  Collections for these holidays will be made the following business day.  All other days (including holidays not listed above) will have normal collection schedules.  Commercial collections may be unaffected by the holiday schedule.  For specific information on a holiday schedule you may call us at 334-1914.

Collections Delayed on Holidays:   Garbage and recycling pickups for residential customers are delayed until the following business day.  No other day’s collections are effected.  Thus if you have your trash collected on a Thursday, your trash will not be collected on Thanksgiving Day; rather it will be collected on the day after Thanksgiving.  Also if your trash is collected on Friday normally, it will be collected on Friday right after Thanksgiving.  That is, your trash collection schedule will be affected only if your trash is to be collected on the day that one of the above five holidays is observed.

Holidays on Weekends:    We observe the above holidays on the day that they are observed nationally.  That is, if Christmas falls on a Saturday and the holiday is observed the day before (Friday),   we also observe that Friday.  Your trash would be collected the next business day which, in this case, would be the following Monday.

Commercial Garbage Collection Exception:   All of our routes are not run on these holidays except for some commercial trash collection on occasion.  Some of our front-loading garbage dumpsters may be collected a little before, on, or a little after the officially observed holiday in order help ease the disruptions caused by the holiday collection schedule.

Recycling Center Schedule:    The recycling center is normally open for Aluminum Can buyback on Wednesdays [4:00 to 5:00] and Saturdays [11:00 to 2:00].  The recycling center is closed  if either Independence Day,  Christmas, or New Year’s Day fall on Wednesday or Saturday.  It is also closed if one of the observed holidays fall on Thursday or Sunday; for example, the recycling center will be closed on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving falls on Thursday.

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